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Yola & Co. are Gaming the Net Promoter Score…

It always amazes me to see people, especially management, abuse the concept of KPI’s, the Key Performance Indicators. Instead of using them as indicator as they suppose to be, management like to use them as target for the company to meet. As soon as we are using the KPI’s as target, you set people up to game the system and one of the biggest right now (that I know of) is done by car dealers, at least in The Netherlands.

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Yola & Co. are unDone-Done…

One of the things I see happen a lot, is the inability of teams to deliver the product they build as a ‘shippable product‘. Due to this, there is a gap between what the Product Owner think is ‘acceptable‘ and what the development team is able to achieve to get things Done. So one of the questions I got is:”How do we make a Definition of Done? Do you have an example?” Beside that, Product Owners are wondering how they can get a feature-team while the rest of the company is organised as component-teams. Fortunately there is a way to cover both aspects with a simple visualisation practice. The two practices I’ll use in this blog are practices I learned from Bas Vodde during my LeSS Training. So lets dive into the case and answer the questions:

  • What’s Done?
  • How to create a feature team?

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Yola & Co. are refining Black Stories…

It might sound weird to some of you but I play games with my teams during work. One of the most powerful games to use with a team is the Black Stories serie from author Holger Bösch and illustrator Bernhard Skopnik (The English version is also known as Dark Stories but those are from the same author and illustrator). There are good reasons to play games in the boss’ time so lets see how games are used. Fortunately Jordann Gross and Eddy Bruin introduced me into this at Agile Coach Camp Nederland 2015.

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Yola & Co. and the Scrum board…(repost)

In 2015 I posted this comic for the first time and it was my first post on I did. At that time I wrote it (I drew it actually 😉 ) because I had the discussion over and over again. Fun thing is, it is still a story of my life. This time again, the discussion starts with: “What kind of tooling are we going to use?”. So here it is, a repost with explanation this time.

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Yola & Co. and the fifth Larman’s law…

Some weeks ago, I received an email from Craig Larman telling me he read my blog on Larman’s Laws and he pointed out to me there is a new fifth law (actually added as number four), being:

4. As a corollary to (1), if after changing the change some managers and single-specialists are still displaced, they become “coaches/trainers” for the change, frequently reinforcing (2) and (3).

Courtesy of Craig Larman

And again, this one sounds familiar to me 🙂 .

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Yola & Co. are individuals and interact…

019 - Yola & Co. are individuals and interact

Face-to-face communication is one of the most important things in the Agile mindset in my opinion. This is why I don’t recognise the use of IM and e-mail as communication.

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Yola & Co. and the Hackathon…

018 - Yola & Co and the Hackathon

As explained before in my blog Yola & Co. as SEAL Team… we need servant leadership to create highly skilled and highly motivated teams. One of the topics I discuss a lot with servant leaders I meet is how to deal with innovation within the company and whether there should be an innovation department.

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Yola & Co. and Larman’s Law…

017 - Yola & Co and the Larman's Law

As said in my previous post, we need to change the way we deal with teams. Especially with precious high performing teams. Therefore servant leadership is very necessary for an Agile implementation to be successful. In order to become a servant leader as manager, one has to change behaviour. As an Agile coach it is not hard to convince the employees that change is needed and that this change involves a behavioural change as well. The same is true for convincing higher management. Nine out of ten times they do understand the need to change and the nature of those changes to become and/or remain a responsive enterprise in an ever changing market.

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Yola & Co. as SEAL Team…

*Possible meanings of ‘Hooyah’: Yes!, I understand, I’ll do it or F#@K You! or something else depending on the tone used. You know which one I mean here 😉

In many discussions I’ve had in the past years as coach, scrum teams were compared to the famous elite teams from the military. Teams like SAS, Commando’s, SEAL-teams or Marine Corps. Especially when the discussion involves team autonomy for the development teams and the expectations of their management.

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Yola & Co. failed to swarm…

013 - Yola & Co failed to swarm (1000x456)

Seriously…sometimes I’m more amazed than normally. And this time it was not only me who was caught by this surprise of the team….

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