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Yola & Co. and the Scrum board…

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Yola & Co. do story mapping…


  1. Robert Brown

    Nice blog on Scrum board. Similarly, I have read an article on this in I believe it might be helpful to you.

    • Yola

      Hi Robert,

      I’m glad you like the blog and comic. It is based on the discussion I had with my trainer about using digital boards like Jira. They work contra productive if it comes to ‘normal’ communication while we try to facilitate in the communication as Scrum Masters or Agile Coaches. This is why I prefer the physical board above all as scrum or Kanban board.

      About the link you shared, I don’t think it will be helpful for me. They turn the Scrum framework into a methodology by adding to much stuff in it while they obviously didn’t understand the scrum basics. If it comes to learning things they should have applied Shu Ha Ri ( first. They are still at the Shu level while pretending they are on the Ri level.


  2. Robert Brown

    Thanks for your reply Yola đŸ™‚ while I was searching on google for something else on scrum I found your site and That link đŸ™‚ I really liked the way you both summarized and kept things simple to understand! I’ve been reading their SBOK Guide at it’s pretty interesting:)
    I really appreciate your insights and the succinct nature of your posts that gives such an easy solution to such a big problem. Even in my company I have experienced efforts or issues getting delayed response due to the usage of shared spreadsheets instead of a board in the wall.

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