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Yola & Co. and the fifth Larman’s law…

Some weeks ago, I received an email from Craig Larman telling me he read my blog on Larman’s Laws and he pointed out to me there is a new fifth law (actually added as number four), being:

4. As a corollary to (1), if after changing the change some managers and single-specialists are still displaced, they become “coaches/trainers” for the change, frequently reinforcing (2) and (3).

Courtesy of Craig Larman

And again, this one sounds familiar to me 🙂 .

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Yola & Co. and Larman’s Law…

017 - Yola & Co and the Larman's Law

As said in my previous post, we need to change the way we deal with teams. Especially with precious high performing teams. Therefore servant leadership is very necessary for an Agile implementation to be successful. In order to become a servant leader as manager, one has to change behaviour. As an Agile coach it is not hard to convince the employees that change is needed and that this change involves a behavioural change as well. The same is true for convincing higher management. Nine out of ten times they do understand the need to change and the nature of those changes to become and/or remain a responsive enterprise in an ever changing market.

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